wood scale fighter craft

Ordering Process

At you can order any Land, Air & Sea vehicle. Once you have made a choice simply fill out the order form. We then contact you via email for your preferred details.
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Manufacturing Process

This process starts with us receiving photographs of your choice of item. If you don't have any photos we will find photos for you and assist you with any details. Once your model is manufactured we will send you photos for your review and approval. Then we will ship your model once you are satisfied with the end result. If we have your preferred model in stock then expect 10-14 days for delivery. If not, we may have to build your preferred model from scratch. If so, expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. Larger,complex models like battle ships and similar you may have to wait up to 10-12 weeks for production and then even longer for shipping. Please contact us for futher details.

Common Customer Questions

  What happens when I place my order?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation.

We will at this stage also charge minimum 50% deposit which will be reflected on the order form. We also assign you an order number. If in doubt about what your want exactly we will contact you for confirmation before any charge is made. When the model is ready we will send you a number of photos from usually 8 different angles for your review and approval before shipping. Once approved by you, we will charge the remaining 50% + shipping fees

  What are the shipping procedures?

After approval, your model will be shipped via your preferred air freight shipper.

PS, FedEx, TNT or DHL. Model price does not include shipping fees. Shipping fees are added on top of your model price. We highly suggest that your model shipping include insurance as Scalecrafts Pte Ltd cannot be responsible for any careless shipping or mishandling.

  What type of models can you produce?

When choosing your model we can offer different sizes.

Aircraft models, for instance, have the usual scales like 1:48 or 1:32. But we can also discuss any size preferred and large models for public display etc. Your stand for your model can be customized, a wooden stand or a metal stand. We can also make a brass sign with the name / make of the model or your preferred name. We can also CNC laser cut the wooden sign with the above-preferred name / make.

  Can you do customized models?

Yes by all means.

Our expertise is customized personalized models to corporate customers often for public display. Whatever idea you have we will do it for you.

  Can I choose any paint scheme?

Yes you can.

You can send us photos of your preferred paint scheme. However, our models are normally not painted. We are a Scandinavian / Singaporean company and we love the look of wood. What we do to get you that personal look is that we CNC laser cut the model. We place any text, logo, registration etc on your model to personalize it.

  How long does it take to receive my model?

If your model of choice is in stock we can ship it within 4-6 weeks.

If not in stock we build it from scratch and deliver it within 8-12 weeks. Again if it's a complicated detailed model like a battleship we will give you an approximate delivery date after reviewing the complexity of the model ordered.

   Can I order a model for fast service express delivery?

Please keep in mind it may result in a higher price of your model as may have to slow down other production to meet your express deadline.

   What type of quality control system do you apply?

We have three craftsmen at work in our factory including myself, the founder, Anders

I am a professional pilot with over 20 years in the airline industry, corporate and general aviation. We only deliver models that are perfected and resemble the real thing. That is why we are the preferred choice and deliver directly to several aircraft manufacturers around the world.

   What type of materials are you using for the models?

Superior quality wood materials are employed.

Our wooden models are manufactured using only the finest kiln dried mahogany wood.

  Do you manufacture only desktop models?

We can manufacture any size of model preferred.

We do large models for public display directly for aircraft manufacturers and also corporate companies. We also build wall plaques for Land, Sea and Air vessels. The wall plaques are very popular with our corporate aviation customers because they are often the first item you glance at when you enter an FBO. With the wall plaques, we go crazy with the CNC Laser cutting and create awesome logos cut to perfection into the beautiful wooden material.

   Do you have warranty on your products?

We use only the finest wooden materials and lacquer coatings available.

we have lifetime warranty. If you encounter any defects caused by the manufacturing process we will replace your model for free.

   Are your craft models built in the Philippines?

No absolutely not.

Our experience is that many model manufacturers outsource their production to the Philippines. Often it's difficult to guarantee that the Philippine company in question really use the material they claim to use. We at Scalecrafts Pte Ltd as a direct supplier to several aircraft manufacturers cannot allow any outsourcing of our products. We are three highly skilled Scandinavian craftsmen based out of Singapore. Myself with over 20 years as a professional airline, corporate and general aviation pilot. No details are missed.

   Do you have any showrooms?

Not as of yet.

We are looking at this in the near future. However, we are present at some of the most important aviation/sea/land events around the world. We mingle with our customers and show potential customers our beautiful creations at Paris, Singapore, Dubai as well as Farnborough Airshow.

Reasons to Choose Scalecrafts

We are a recognized supplier to a few of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world. This is not only a point of pride, it is proof of our professionalism and competency


We manufacture YOUR exact specifications, not an approximation.


We keep our production consistent from order to order without exceptions.


As our models are created by meticulous precision, they have a unique look


Our scale models are our passion. We love what we do and it translates to a better model craft.